EiE Teacher Educator Institute

If you’re a professional development provider, this workshop prepares you to facilitate EiE professional development workshops for teachers in your school, district, or state

Like all EiE workshops, our Teacher Educator Institute is hands-on and learner driven. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the pedagogy and structure of the EiE curriculum, and you’ll take away a large collection of valuable resources to help you facilitate your own EiE workshops.

During this 3 day workshop, you will
  • experience two different EiE units as a learner and as a teacher.
  • become familiar with the EiE curriculum, including the structure of the units and the pedagogical approach.
  • gain foundational knowledge of technology, engineering, and the engineering design process.
  • reflect on the strategies used by your workshop facilitators and the philosophical underpinnings of the EiE curriculum.
EiE’s Teacher Educator Institute prepares educators to
  • facilitate immersive, active EiE workshops for teachers.
  • convey the core values and core understandings of the EiE curriculum.
  • educate others about the structure, components, and pedagogy of the EiE curriculum.


Upcoming Teacher Educator Institutes

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