Improving Your EiE Practice: Follow-up Workshop

For teachers who have already taught EiE in their classrooms

Tap into the resources of your fellow teachers and EiE staff to take your facilitation of EiE to the next level! In this hands-on workshop, you will have opportunities to address challenges, celebrate successes, and offer advice to your colleagues as you share experiences teaching EiE in your classroom.

"Improving Your EiE Practice" is a customizable follow-up workshop for teachers who have already taught EiE and are ready to take the EiE curriculum to the next level.

This workshop is for teachers who would like to…

  • seek advice from their peers and EiE staff on implementation hurdles:
  • experience an engineering challenge to review the Engineering Design Process (EDP) and discuss how students can use the EDP as a problem-solving tool
  • examine tools for assessing students and discover what success in engineering looks like
  • develop questioning strategies to understand student thinking and foster perseverance
  • gain deeper understanding of EiE’s theoretical underpinnings and design structure

Additionally, if your school is planning on expanding its use of EiE, this workshop can be tailored to:

  • lead teachers through an EiE unit in a way that highlights the strengths of the EiE design structure
  • give participants a glimpse of several EiE units in order to help select which units will work best in their classrooms

Whatever your need or interest is, this customizable workshop can be modified to meet your school or district goals. Fill out a Workshop Interest Form to contact us for more information!

SAMPLE workshop agenda