Lesson 4

A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill

Cleaning an Oil Spill / Grade 5 / Lauderhill, FL

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill Lesson 4

Students apply their knowledge of ecosystems and environmental engineering as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own process for cleaning an oil spill.

Reflection Questions

Working with water and other “spillable” materials can quickly become messy. What preparations has Christina made in order to efficiently manage materials?

Christina organizes the model river materials, pre-pours water, and coordinates the testing of oil.

  • Christina covers each table with plastic wrap to contain any messes the water and oil may cause. (2:29)
  • Christina has students come to the front of the room to purchase their materials and tools. This limits confusion and keeps the groups and materials organized. (6:06)
  • Christina uses pre-measured cup samples of water for each group to use in their model. (6:44)
  • Christina hands each table a bowl for waste. This helps keep clean up organized and contained. (6:38)

How does Christina cover each step of the EDP while teaching this lesson?

Christina uses EiE handouts, group discussions, and some of her own activities to help reinforce the EDP.

  • Christina spells out each step of the EDP and asks students how they will use the steps in their lesson. (0:52-1:12)
  • Christina explains to the class how they are applying the EDP as they explore ways to clean up the oil spill. (4:18-4:47)
  • Christina gives students a chance to redesign their cleanup process through the improve step of the EDP. Students fill out a worksheet to reflect on what they have done and how they will improve upon the process. (11:39-14:30)