Lesson 4

Now You’re Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens

Designing a Solar Oven / Grade 4 / Washington, D.C.

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Now You're Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens Lesson 4

Reflection Questions

How does Vanessa emphasize the importance of data collection to her students?

Vanessa refers to the student’s data collection often and keeps data charts in the front of her class to remind students about how their data should inform their decisions.

  • Vanessa has her students use data recording sheets packaged in an engineering notebook folder so that they can refer back to their data when making design decisions. (2:39)
  • Vanessa refers to a data chart about thermal properties to remind students of the testing they did in lesson 3 and how that data can inform their upcoming design decisions. (3:30)

How do you see the students in Vanessa’s class working effectively in teams?

Students share ideas as they work collaboratively to create, and then improve, their solar oven designs.

  • One student explains to another why shredded materials might be a better choice than flat materials by pointing out the data to that supports his decision. (2:07)
  • Vanessa works with a group of students and helps them agree on materials to use for their solar oven design. (2:17)