Lesson 1

A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls

Designing Walls: Storybook / Grade 4 / Kittery, ME

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls Lesson 1

Reflection Questions

How does Blayne connect the storybook with real-world engineering situations?

Blayne’s discussions allow her students to connect to the storybook by seeing the value of materials engineers in real-life situations.

  • Blayne talks about the gardens at their school and mentions how “critters” are nibbling their vegetables, just like the garden at Yi Min’s school in China (0:40–0:46)
  • Blayne shows pictures of the real Great Wall of China and discusses how the materials engineers had to keep making improvements to the walls. (3:20–4:21)

How do Blayne’s discussions deepen students’ understanding of the Engineering Design Process (EDP)?

Blayne asks the students to explain their favorite step of the EDP. This allows the students to reflect on each step and think about the EDP on a deeper level.

  • Blayne confers with a group of students and asks them what their favorite step of the EDP is and why. (8:12)
  • Blayne asks the whole class to explain their favorite step and spends time discussing why the Improve step is so important. (9:00)
  • Blayne explains to the students that sometimes one step of the EDP comes more naturally than another, but the whole process is important.   (10:03–10:19)