Lesson 2

Now You’re Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens

The Good Life / Grade 4 / Washington, D.C.

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Now You're Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens Lesson 2

Reflection Questions

What strategies does Vanessa use to keep her students engaged?

Vanessa uses a variety of techniques with her students to keep them engaged throughout the activities in lesson 2.

  • Vanessa helps her students relate to the topics they discuss by analyzing how many trees worth of paper their class uses in a year. (1:45)
  • When one of Vanessa’s student is struggling to articulate a concept, Vanessa helps guide his thoughts during a class discussion. (5:00)
  • A rephrased question helps Vanessa make sure her whole class is listening, participating, and engaging in class discussion. (1:36)

Where do you see Vanessa guiding her students to effectively analyze the environmental impact of paper?

Through pointed questions and a life cycle assessment activity, Vanessa guides her students to think critically about the environmental impact of paper.

  • Vanessa asks her students what resources are used to makes paper. (0:56)
  • The steps of the life cycle of paper are identified and distributed to students in small groups so they can explore the steps themselves. (3:25)
  • Vanessa ties in the storybook to help give her students context to the problem they are facing and to remind them of their prior knowledge. (6:33)