Lesson 1

Now You’re Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens

Solar Ovens: Storybook / Grade 4 / Washington, D.C.

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Now You're Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens Lesson 1

Reflection Questions

What visual strategies does Vanessa use to keep the lesson relevant and maintain student engagement?

Vanessa uses illustrations, photos, and models, to put lesson 1 into context and keep her students engaged.

  • While reviewing the storybook, Lerato Cooks Up a Plan, Vanessa projects real-life images from the same location that the storybook takes place. (1:28–2:57)
  • Vanessa shows students of model of a solar oven while she is reviewing the storybook.  This allows them to see a visual representation of what they’ll be working with in the design challenge in lesson 4. (2:59)
  • Vanessa projects the Engineering Design Process (EDP) onto her Smart Board. Using the image of the EDP, she wraps up review of the storybook and then later wraps up lesson 1. (3:56 & 7:16)

In what ways does Vanessa help her students self-identify as engineers?

Vanessa uses the word “engineer” frequently. She refers to her students as engineers and uses the verb “engineer” to describe what they are doing.

  • While reviewing the storybook, Vanessa tells her students that Lerato turns into a green engineer, just like them. (3:49)
  • As she reviews the EDP, Vanessa reminds her students that they were green engineers throughout lesson 1. (7:16)