Lesson 2

The Attraction is Obvious: Designing Maglev Systems

Steering Clear of Danger / Grade 5 / Hollywood, FL


The EIE Curriculum

Students think like transportation engineers as they improve the safety and efficiency of a model intersection.

Reflection Questions

What evidence do you see that Kelly spent time preparing for this activity before the class started?

Kelly sketched out the model intersection in chalk, prepared observation sheets and clipboards for the engineers, and assembled stop signs and traffic lights for students to use to improve traffic flow.

  • Before class, Kelly drew the model intersection in chalk on the playground and indicated traffic directions with arrows. (5:52)
  • Student engineers are able to record their observations easily because Kelly provided clipboards and pencils for her students to take outside. (6:03)
  • As suggested in the guide, Kelly colored and laminated stop signs and traffic lights for students to add to the intersection. (7:18)

What evidence do you see that Lesson 2 helps students better understand the work of transportation engineers?

The activities in the lesson allow students to engage in the work of transportation engineers and use that experience to expand their understanding of the role of engineers in general.

  • After interacting with the model intersection, students were able to talk about the choices engineers make to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians. (8:46)
  • By comparing before and after ideas about what transportation engineers do, Kelly provides time for students to reflect on their own growth in understanding. (9:40)