Lesson 2

Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters

Who Are Environmental Engineers? / Grade 5 / Jersey City, NJ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters L2

Students think like environmental engineers as they review a mural of a small American community, noting possible sources of pollution and suggesting ways to clean up or eliminate the source of the pollution.

Reflection Questions

The science content presented in the story is new to some of Marlene’s students. What things do you see Marlene doing that may help her students grasp the key information from the story?

Marlene is explicit about what she expects students to know, and provides relevant examples and background information to help students understand the content.

  • Marlene explicitly lists the things she expects students to understand. These include the “jobs that environmental engineers do” and “the different ways that water can be polluted”. (0:25)
  • Marlene refers to a recent field trip the class took to a cave/mine to help them visualize how water can pass through ground and become polluted. (0:58- 1:46)
  • Marlene tries to make the connection between air pollution and water pollution by reviewing the water cycle and reminding them how water molecules can pass though air and pick up contaminants. (2:04- 2:16)

What evidence do you see that Marlene has spent time building and reinforcing the norms and expectations for how students should behave in groups?

Evidence of frequent group experience can be seen in the ways Marlene’s students’ take turns, listen respectfully, and designate roles.

  • When Marlene passes the group a small marker, the first student circles one item on the worksheet and then passes it to another group member to continue circling. (4:36)
  • The groups themselves are able to designate one member to come up and draw on the findings chart. (5:01)
  • There are multiple instances that show Marlene’s students taking turns contributing and respectfully listening to small group conversations. (7:14, 7:53)