About EiE Professional Development

Our workshops enhance your understanding of engineering concepts and skills and the pedagogy behind the EiE curriculum

EiE Workshop Goals 

EiE workshops introduce you to engineering and show you how to foster student-centered, inquiry-based learning. Our workshops are designed to 

  • increase your knowledge of engineering, technology, and the Engineering Design Process
  • introduce you to the EiE curriculum
  • explain the structure and format of  EiE curriculum units
  • explore the pedagogical approach behind the curriculum
  • boost your confidence in teaching engineering
  • enhance your ability to implement open-ended engineering design challenges with your students

Engineering is Elementary Professional Development Options:


Everyone Engineers

Teachers and administratorsPrepares you to use the EiE Curriculum Two days
EiE Introductory Workshop (on-site or at Museum of Science, Boston)Teachers and administrators

Tailored to the needs of your school/district; prepares teachers to use the EiE curriculum

Customizable (usually one day)

Linking the E & M in STEM

Teachers and administrators

Supports meaningful integration of EiE and Common Core math standards

Two days

Teacher Educator Institute

Professional development providers (Teacher Educators)

Prepares educators to facilitate EiE PD workshops

Three days
Improving Your EiE Practice

Teachers who already use the EiE curriculum

Reflection and deep exploration of engineering pedagogy and EiE curriculum

One day

“[The workshop] was a strong introduction that enabled me to feel confident getting started with EiE on my own.” EiE Workshop Participant