Growing Up: Additional Educator Resources

Use these resources to support your teaching of the unit: Growing Up: Engineering Vertical Farms



Plant Chicago

If youth are interested in seeing an example of a vertical farm that was built within an existing building, show them the Plant, a vertical farm in Chicago that was built in what used to be a pork packing facility. See page 45.

Green Bronx Machine

Youth can see a real life example of a class in New York City who started the Green Bronx Machine. This project introduces gardening, including vertical farms, into classrooms. See page 52.

Plant Responses to Light

If youth are particularly interested in how different colors of light impact plants, refer them to this article. See page 35.




If youth are not familiar with the needs of plants, have them watch this video that elaborates on the process of photosynthesis. (4:51) See page 25.

The Window Farms Project

If youth are interested in seeing a window farm in action, show them this video of the Window Farms Project. (3:43) See page 26.