Put a Lid on It: Additional Educator Resources

Use these resources to support your teaching of the unit: Put a Lid on It: Engineering Safety Helmets

Educator Resources


Interactive Brain Anatomy

For a deeper understanding of internal and external brain anatomy, youth can access this interactive webpage created by the Koshland Science Museum. The interface allows users to switch between interior and exterior 360 degree views, highlight different regions of the brain, and read about each region’s function. See page 17.

110 NFL Brains

This multimedia digital article by the New York Times takes a contextual look at the connection between American football players’ positions on the field and the resulting damage incurred to their brain tissue, analyzed posthumously. Based on the research of Dr. Ann McKee, a neuropathologist specializing in chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the article also details the behavioral and neurological symptoms experienced by the athletes whose brains showed signs of trauma-associated degeneration.



Scientists Just Discovered a New System of Brain Vessels

In 2017, the presence of lymphatic vessels in the brain was confirmed for the first time. This article illustrates the tenacity of researchers who sought this hidden piece of anatomy as well as the profound implications this discovery has for our understanding of neurological disorders. See page 15.

A New ‘Spin’ On Concussions

This article provides a glimpse into scientists’ research of how brain injuries, including concussions, are formed during sport collisions.



What happens when you have a concussion?

This animated TED-Ed lesson provides a detailed and accessible introduction to the physiological changes that happen in the brain during a concussion. Sub-concussive impacts are also discussed in this video, integrating the latest research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy and connections to other prion-based neurological disorders. See page 19.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet Invented in Sweden

This video features how Swedish engineers designed a helmet that initially looks like a scarf! (3:46)