Florida Center Joins EiE PD Network


Photo courtesy of Orlando Science Center
Emily Duguid of OSC (second from left) works with Castle Creek teachers on an EiE activity.
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Orlando Science Center (OSC) is the newest member of EiE's Extended Network of Professional Development providers. "We love the cross-cultural storybooks, and how all the EiE units are tied to real-world situations," says Heather Norton, OSC's senior director of education. "It was just natural to say, we'd be happy to share EiE with Florida teachers."

OSC now offers EiE workshops both at the Center and, on request, at Florida schools. The Center has also launched a special project: a school wide EiE implementation at Castle Creek Elementary, supported by Lockheed Martin. As part of this project, OSC staff also lead hands-on classroom sessions to teach the fundamental math and science concepts that integrate with EiE units. 

On a recent March schoolday, OSC education specialist Emily Duguid was working with Castle Creek students to build a model dropsonde, a device that's dropped into a hurricane, from a plane, to collect weather data. "Students in Florida have personal experience of hurricanes, so they find the activity really relevant," Duguid says. "And we think they'll make some great connections to the EiE unit 'Catching the Wind.'"

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