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The EiE Project offers hands-on, project-based engineering activities for school and out-of-school time

Engineering is Elementary®

Classroom Curriculum for Grades 15
20 units
Each unit includes 8-11 hours of classroom instruction

For elementary classrooms. Our award-winning, cross-disciplinary curriculum integrates engineering with the science topics you already teach. Fun, engaging engineering challenges boost student interest in engineering. Standards-based, research-based, and teacher-tested!

Curriculum Components:

Have questions about EiE? Email eie@mos.org for more information.

Take a moment to watch our Getting Started video series for an introduction to the EiE curriculum.

Engineering Adventures

Afterschool Curriculum for Grades 35
Eight units
6-10 hours of programming per unit

For afterschool and camp programs. Meet Jacob and India, two globe-trotting teens who take your kids on exciting, real-world engineering adventures. Flexible activities are perfect for out-of-school time. Choose from seven units filled with hands-on activities.

Curriculum Components:

Interested in bringing EA to your community? Email engineeringadventures@mos.org for more information.

Engineering Everywhere

Afterschool Curriculum for Grades 6–8
Ten units
6-10 hours of programming per unit

For afterschool and camp programs. Middle-school-aged youth will engineer a better world with the real-life engineering design challenges in Engineering Everywhere. Exciting activities boost problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Adaptable for a variety of program settings.

EE units are currently being pilot tested in OST sites around the country. If you are interested in pilot testing, or have questions about the program, email us: engineeringeverywhere@mos.org

Wee Engineer

(Tentative Release Summer 2018)
Preschool Engineering Curriculum
Four units

For preschool classrooms. Wee Engineer is a research-based and child-tested engineering curriculum for children aged 3-5. Designed by our award-winning EiE curriculum team, each activity:

•    Builds on a child’s natural curiosity
•    Increases interest and understanding in STEM
•    Provides hands-on engineering experiences

EiE for Kindergarten

(Tentative Release Summer 2018)
Kindergarten Engineering Curriculum
Four units

For elementary kindergarten classrooms. EiE-K is a research-based and student-tested curriculum for students aged 5 and 6. Designed by our award-winning EiE curriculum team, each EiE-K unit:

•    Aligns with NGSS engineering standards
•    Introduces children to the engineering design process
•    Builds students’ confidence and interest in STEM
•    Provides opportunities for collaborative work