Testing the Waters: Additional Educator Resources

Use these resources to support your teaching of the unit: Testing the Waters: Engineering A Water Reuse Process

Educator Resources




Basins of Relations

Educators interested in deepening their knowledge of watersheds and water conservation principles can access this free guide to water citizenship and watershed restoration.



WateReuse Map of Recycled Drinking Water

This interactive global map shows the technologies employed in various sites where water is recycled into drinking water.


Water Diplomacy Program at Tufts

For more information on water diplomacy and political science, educators can access this academic research website focused on the connections between water policy, diplomacy, conservation, and purification.




California Water Crisis

Water crises occur when there is not enough clean water to supply a region. Have students read this article to better understand the many environmental factors that contribute to California's water crisis.

California Aims To Get Past the Yuck Factor Of Recycled Wastewater

One solution to a water crisis is to reuse wastewater. Have youth listen to this story about the world's largest potable reuse project in California.

Cape Town Water Crisis

Similar to California, Cape Town is experiencing a water crisis because of drought and other environmental conditions. Have youth look at the city of Cape Town's local website to understand the guidelines citizens are following to avoid Day Zero, the day when the water supply will run out.

LHS Boys' Pipe Dream Comes True

If youth would like to see examples of their peers engineering water reuse systems, have them read this article about teens in Massachusetts who designed and built a non-electric water filtration system.

The Drinkable Book

For a unique example of an antimicrobial water purification product, have youth read about this drinkable book—its pages are made with silver nanoparticles, and it can be used to purify wastewater in situations where boiling water is not an option.



Think & Drink Water

This collection of videos illustrates a variety of topics related to water conservation, policy, and citizenship. See page 20.

Flint Water Crisis

Water contamination can come from a variety of places, including the pipes which supply the water itself! Have youth watch this video to understand the implications of the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, caused by changes in local water policy and infrastructure.

Water and Power: A CA Heist

If youth are interested in learning more about the politics of water resource management, have them watch this 2017 National Geographic Documentary on water privatization in California. (1:19:02)


Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water

by Marc Reisner

Educators wanting a comprehensive account of water resource management and land development can read this classic nonfiction book, written in 1986, which outlines the history of water privatization in the American West. Publisher: Penguin ISBN-13: 9780140178241