Engineering in Out-of-School Time Educator Workshop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the workshop?

Educators who plan to facilitate Engineering Adventures or Engineering Everywhere units, or administrators who want to learn more about adding Engineering Adventures or Engineering Everywhere to their afterschool or camp program.

Where do you hold workshops?

We occasionally host workshops on site at the Engineering is Elementary facility at the Museum of Science, Boston. Alternatively, we can travel to your site to train your staff.

What does it cost to attend a workshop?

Your $75 fee for this half-day workshop includes registration, breakfast, and parking.

Can you send a facilitator to my site to conduct a workshop for my staff?

Yes, we can offer workshops at your location. These workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, district, or organization. On-site workshops are facilitated by EiE staff or by members of EiE’s Extended Network of PD Providers.

Can I run my own workshop at my site?

YES! Our Engineering in Out-of-School Time Professional Development Guide gives you all the information you need to facilitate a 3-hour workshop. The FREE downloadable guide includes all workshop handouts and a complete list of materials you’ll need for the workshop. A workshop slideshow presentation is also available.

What is the difference between the workshops you facilitate and the workshops I can lead myself?

Workshops we facilitate will give you a more in-depth understanding of a specific unit while also familiarizing you with the structures and pedagogy of the curriculum. Our free guide is focused on building educator background knowledge while increasing familiarity with engineering education pedagogy. 

How long is the workshop?

The Engineering in Out-of-School Time Educator Workshop is 3 hours long. We also offer an extended 6-hour workshop that incorporates the pedagogical teachings of our 3-hour workshop, as well as an in-depth exploration of one of our Engineering Adventures or Engineering Everywhere units.

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