Worlds Apart: Additional Educator Resources

Use these resources to support your teaching of the unit: Worlds Apart: Engineering Remote Sensing Devices

Educator Resources




Dear Data Project

This year-long correspondence project between two illustrators is an accessible and inspiring introduction to creative data visualization for youth and educators alike. See page 85.



De-coding Starlight: From Pixels to Images

Youth can build their data visualization and inference skills in this activity as they reconstruct supernova remnant topography from numerical data.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Mapping the Seafloor with Multibeam Sonar

This webpage outlines the use of multibeam sonar to map out the ocean floor in a higher resolution, which is much like the mystery planet activity. See page 47.




Laser Scans Reveal Mayan "Megalopolis" Beneath Guatemalan Jungle

If youth are interested in terrestrial applications of LiDAR, have them read this article about recent Mayan archeological discoveries using LiDAR technology. See pages 41 and 43.

Solar Eclipse Shadows

Pinhole cameras aren't just a manmade technology—they're a natural phenomenon, too! Share these images of shadows from the 2017 solar eclipse to illustrate this unique example of remote sensing.



Belay Specs

This video illustrates the need for and design of special glasses to wear when belaying a rock climber. These glasses work in a similar way to the device in the Periscope activity. (2:49) See page 27.

How a Blind Man Sees With Sound

Can humans use sonar? In this video, Daniel Kish explains his use of echolocation to navigate through the world as a person with blindness. (4:41) See page 43.