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STEM Beyond School Webinar Series

Biotech is All Around Me
Tuesday, May 26 at 2pm EST

Biotechnology encompasses many products and processes. Learn more about what biotechnology is and how to find examples of it everywhere you look!

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How to Explore the Universe with WorldWide Telescope
Wednesday, May 27 at 2pm EST

WorldWide Telescope is a free, open-source software that uses real data from active telescopes and hundreds of other science-based sources to accurately simulate our 3-dimensional Universe. This webinar will demonstrate how educators can use some of the basic features of this program to create classroom activities such as navigating the Universe, viewing the night sky, watching and creating virtual tours, and much more. 

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Weekly STEM Challenge
Thursday, May 28 at 2pm EST

Weekly STEM Challenge is launched via the Museum of Science, Boston's Facebook on Thursdays and celebrated during the STEM Beyond School webinar the following Thursday.

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