EiE Professional Development Scholarships for Teachers

EiE Scholarships support teachers in integrating engineering into their classrooms.

We are not currently accepting scholarship applications.

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For information about workshops for your school or district, contact eie@mos.org or 617-589-4260 


“The EiE workshop was by far the *BEST* professional development I have ever experienced as a teacher. The [Professional Development] Team were all energetic, well prepared, fun to learn with, and passionate about the subject matter. The days literally flew by. I enjoyed experiencing the units both as a teacher and as a student, and it gave me a great perspective as I prepared to begin using them with my students. The class size was perfect, the facilities were perfect, there was plenty of time for the hands-on activities. Can't say enough about the experience. Seriously awesome.”

Kevin Jarrett, Raytheon-EiE Teacher Scholarship winter 2012 recipient